More About Sarah Jane

My appreciation of the links between spirituality, health and hope have developed through the course of my life and continue to do so.

My personal sense of spirituality developed as small child growing up in a rural market town in South Yorkshire. I was taken to family services in the local medieval church and also to Methodist Sunday School. However, nature called more strongly and my grandparents taught me the folklore and traditions of my English and Scottish heritage, along with the skills needed to tend the garden, hearth and home.

Immediately after graduating from university, which had been a very difficult time for me, I was trained by an English Romany to use my visionary, intuitive and healing abilities. The Romany tradition is an intriguing mix of Christianity with very ancient forms of shamanism and healing. It has a great emphasis on spiritual discernment, responsibility and discipline.

I’ve had a daily spiritual practice since then and have taught meditation, mindfulness and spiritual practice to groups and mentored people on a one to one basis for 30 years. I am also now a Spiritual Companions Trust Educator.

I have at the same time held down a full-time career in the mainstream, viewing this as both service and a form of spiritual activism, meaning I try to walk my talk!

This has led me to work in strategic transformation and development roles with organisations which themselves work to support healing and recovery.  I’m currently employed as Chief Executive at The Mare and Foal Sanctuary.

I also work voluntarily with individuals and organisations ready for renewed growth and want to go to the next level but may not be sure how to get there and have been a Trustee or advisor to a range of charities.